Dead set, Cortana's now a fair dinkum Aussie

Australian Cortana

Like Siri, but with an added serving of Aussie pride, Microsoft's personal digital assistant, Cortana, is now available in Australia.

Cortana has been customised for the Australian market and now comes with an Aussie twang somewhere between Melissa George and Margot Robbie – we can't help wondering if an approximation of Robbie's Harley Quinn will be out of the question down the track.

Microsoft claims the local incarnation of Cortana celebrates our nation's rich culture and history, with a broad knowledge covering everything from rugged bushrangers, to more modern criminals like our current politicians.


Cortana can also identify iconic landmarks – though if they're that iconic we imagine we could identify them for ourselves – and sing an Australian lullaby – something that's always at the top of our criteria when looking for a personal digital assistant.

Naturally Cortana still boasts all the features that have made her useful overseas. She'll get to know you by asking questions, and then act on your preferences. She'll also compile relevant information from various sources before combining it with your schedule.

You can talk to her like you would a real person, or if you find that a bit odd there is a text input option.

Cortana can be accessed now by Windows 10 users, and will also be available on Microsoft's Lumia 950 & Lumia 950XL handsets when they launch on December 7.