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Macworld scoop: Newton-like tablet not coming

Apple will not announce a Mac tablet at Macworld, but what will it unveil?

With Macworld fast approaching and Steve Jobs' keynote speech ready to carry Apple into 2008, rumours are swirling about what the company's CEO may (and may not) announce. Almost everyone has an idea of what they would like to see Jobs unveil at the show, but with the report that a Mac tablet may not be one of them, some will already be disappointed.

According to those familiar with the project, Apple will not release a handheld computer like the company's now-defunct Newton tablet at Macworld. But the device is in the works and could be unveiled at a Steve Jobs keynote later this year.

Like iPhone, like Tablet

Reports indicate that Apple is running into significant trouble that has hindered the tablet's development. The problems allegedly mirror some of the issues the company experienced with the iPhone's touch display during its own development.

Apple did not comment on the rumour, but indicated that Steve Jobs will be making a number of important announcements at this year's Macworld, which is scheduled to kick off on Monday. If you're interested in catching Steve Jobs' keynote speech live, our sister site MacFormat will be liveblogging the event, so make sure you surf over to this page on Tuesday.