Branson launching new iPad magazine

Richard Branson to launch new iPad lifestyle comic called 'Project'

Richard Branson is set to launch a new iPad magazine called 'Project' following recent news that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is planning a daily iPad newspaper.

Branson's latest plans for a digital magazine for iPad are set to be announced at an imminent press conference.

Project on iPad

Branson's plans for "Project" are for an e-magazine that encompasses entertainment, travel, business, design and international culture.

News Corporation is expected to announce its own plans for 'The Daily' iPad newspaper at a press conference scheduled for early December.

Branson said in invitations to the press that "Project" themes will include entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture.

Following his successes with Virgin Atlantic, Branson's latest travel venture is commercial space travel company Virgin Galactic.

Branson recently said that Virgin Galactic is on track to offer customers access to commercial space travel within 18 months.

The entrepreneur's next plan is to build space hotels. Yes. Really!