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Mac Pro climbs back onto shelves following EU ban

Mac Pro
The Mac Pro covers its modesty to get ban lifted
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Apple fans in Europe rejoice! The Mac Pro is available to purchase again.

Availability of the sleek new Apple computer was blocked due to European Union compliance laws. The previous generation of the Mac Pro featured exposed fans and electrical ports, something that the EU decided was warrant enough for a complete ban.

The new Mac Pro, however, is once again compliant with European regulations having undergone a minor redesign that was unveiled at an October 2013 media event.

Mac website MacGenerations has discovered that the system is now in the process of reaching customers once again. Orders placed for the Mac Pro are likely to be shipped in February, the site states.

Back in business

Orders for the new Mac Pro were launched globally in the Apple online store on December 19, with the first wave of customers receiving the computer just before the New Year.

An iFixit teardown of the new computer has praised its design, ease of deconstruction and upgradable nature, while Otherworld Computing, worryingly eager to tear apart the expensive piece of kit, revealed that the CPU and most parts of the new computer were fully replaceable. At TechRadar our hands are still all over the new Apple offering.

Apparently those who wish to purchase the Mac Pro from an Apple retail store may have to wait until March, when the computer will start to appear in-store for sale.

Two preconfigured Mac Pros are available from Apple: one for US$2,999 (£1,819), and another for US$3,999 (£2,426). However, a fully-loaded Mac Pro will set customers back just under US$10,000 (£6,067), and adding a 4K display to this will push the price even higher, if you've got pockets deeper than the Atlantic Ocean.