Antennagate: Apple disses Motorola Droid X

'Antennagate' continues, with Apple adding video demo of Motorola Droid X suffering reception problems

'Antennagate' refuses to go away, with Apple actively fanning the flames of controversy by adding yet another new smartphone to its list of those mobiles that the company claims suffer the same reception problems as the new iPhone 4.

Apple has updated its antenna performance website with a video detailing how the new Motorola Droid X will also suffer signal drop-off problems if it is held incorrectly.

Smartphone hall of shame

Motorola joins Nokia, HTC, Samsung and BlackBerry in Apple's list of smartphones suffering from the so-called 'death grip' problem.

Steve Jobs recently announced that iPhone 4 customers would receive a free bumper case for their smartphone or, should they so wish, a full refund, which is expected to cost Apple in the region of $175 million.

Jobs demonstrated at an emergency iPhone 4 press conference that three handsets from Apple's competitors also suffered a similar signal drop-off problem – the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Samsung Omnia II and the HTC Eris.

Let's hope that Apple can soon get back to focusing its efforts on developing its own products instead of pointing out flaws in those from its competitors.

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