Intel launches 'World's Thinnest' netbook chip

Netbooks versus smartphones versus tablet PCs - both Intel and Qualcomm have announced new processors at Computex this month

Both Intel and Qualcomm have launched new processors at this month's Computex event in Taipei.

First up was Intel, with its new Oak Trail, Tunnel Creek and Canoe Lake processor lines.

Canoe Lake was being pushed as a platform, which can allow manufacturers to produce a dual-core netbook at a super-slim 14-millimeters thick, running Intel's Pine Trail version of its Atom processor.

New smartphone chips

Intel also showcased its Tunnel Creek 'system on a chip' Atom processor for small devices running a range of operating systems, including MeeGo, Google Android or Chrome, and Windows 7.

Asus is set to be the first manufacturer to ship a pre-installed version of Intel's netbook app store, called the Asus AppStore, later this year.

Qualcomm's next gen Snapdragon chip for smartphones was also announced at Computex this week, which is a low-power 1.2GHz dual-core chip capable of handling 1080p video.

No word on release dates from Qualcomm, but TechRadar will be watching out for more news on the new Snapdragons, which we expect to see arriving in new Android, Palm, and Microsoft Windows 7 phones soon.

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