Comcast launches mobile plans designed for your SMB

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Comcast has announced the launch of its new wireless mobile service Comcast Business Mobile which aims to provide small businesses with flexible data options and nationwide 5G coverage in the US.

The new service builds on the success of the telecom's Xfinity Mobile and is available exclusively to Comcast Business Internet customers in all of Comcast Business' service areas.

President of Comcast Business Bill Stemper provided further details on Comcast Business Mobile and explained how the new service can help save SMBs money in a press release, saying:

“Staying connected – whether in the office or on-the-go – is critical for small businesses. Comcast Business Mobile provides small business owners and their employees access to the most reliable network with nationwide 5G included at no extra cost as well as access to more than 20 million secure Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. We have created a unique mobile experience that brings more value to our Internet customers, saving them money while providing tremendous performance, reliability and flexibility.”

Comcast Business Mobile

With Comcast Business Mobile, SMBs can get up to 10 lines with no line access fees but the service also gives them the option to build the best plan for their needs with the ability to mix and match two straightforward data options across multiple lines.

The service's Unlimited Data plan can cost as little as $24 per line, per month with up to 10 lines and Comcast recommends this plan for on-the-go employees that may not be within Wi-Fi range but need access to cellular data.

SMBs with teams in location where there is more Wi-Fi and less cellular usage like offices and retail stores can sign up for Comcast Business Mobile's By the Gig plan. With this plan, 1GB of data costs $15 per month, 3GB of data costs $30 per month and 10GB of data costs $60 per month.

Comcast Business Mobile is compatible with the best business smartphones and best business tablets but customers can also bring their own devices with no term contracts required.

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