Work starts on 1,000mph car from Bristol

Bloodhound SCC - a bit quick
Bloodhound SCC - a bit quick

British engineers have started to assemble a car that they hope can go as fast as 1,000mph, with the Bloodhound SSC being built at a warehouse in Bristol.

The Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SCC) is the latest project headed up by landspeed legend Richard Noble, and he hopes that it will help inspire a new generation of engineers in the UK.

The car is aiming to hit the heady heights of 1,000mph and will be driven by Wing Comander Andy Green, a former RAF pilot who broke the landspeed record in Thrust SCC back in 1997.


"The primary objective of the Project is to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and maths - by demonstrating how they can be harnessed to achieve the seemingly impossible, such as the Bloodhound 1,000mph land speed record," said Noble on the car's official website.

"Because the FIA World Land Speed Record rules are minimal, the challenger cars tend to be very different and therefore because the technology is unlikely to be of value to a competitor, there is no need to be secretive about the technology.

"So it can (and will) all be made available on the web – just as it happens. This is unique: the Defence, Motor Race and Space industries are unable to share their technology in this way."

TechRadar, will of course, be following the ambitious project throughout, and you can find out more on the website at

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