5 jaw-dropping videos that prove you need a dashcam right now

Plane crashes pieced together

YouTube : https://youtu.be/IOHJBFiqchk?t=21s

Airplane crashes are uncommon compared to car accidents, but the reasons behind them can be just as difficult to piece together for investigators.

Dashcam videos have done their part in helping us understand the final moments of flights gone wrong, and such was the case with in Taiwan earlier this year.

Notably, TransAsia Airways Flight 235, taking off from Taipei Songshan Airport, crashed into Keelung River, killing 43 out of 53 people onboard. It's still under investigation.

What we do know, ahead of the final report in 2016, is that the aircraft was 10 months old and its second engine was mistakenly shut off after the first engine malfunctioned, according to the New York Times.

It's devastating to watch, but important to improve airline safety in the future.

Dashcam foils alleged backup scammer

Whenever a car is rear ended, it's almost always the fault of the trailing driver, but what if the car in front had backed up into your vehicle on purpose?

That's what appears to happen in this this dashcamera video from Ontario, Canada, where the lead driver seems to roll back into the car equipped with the car tech accessory.

The video, originally uploaded to YouTube by Herman Sham, accuses the driver of threatening to call the police if Sham doesn't pay him $500 right then and there.

After all, car insurance companies are almost certainly going to fault someone like Sham for rear ending the vehicle in front of him. The alleged scam doesn't work, though, as Sham points out that he owns a dashcam.

Dashcams, like this ones used in all of these videos above, aren't expensive. That stands in stark contrast to the shocking effects that they capture of costly accidents and phenomena that we see - more often times than not - happening abroad.

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Matt Swider