The stunning Samsung Neo QLED range has something for everyone

Samsung Neo QLED TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung QN900A, QN800A, QN95A, QN94A and QN85A mark the next step in Samsung's TV evolution, adding to its established QLED TV range with Quantum Mini LED backlighting, thanks to Quantum Matrix Technology designed to precisely control thousands of tiny, hyper-focused LEDs - which creates the stunning Samsung Neo QLED range.

The result is accurate blacks and startling white highlights, with jaw-dropping detail across both light and dark parts of the picture – crucial for the dynamic HDR picture performance and next-level contrast today's TV shoppers expect.

Samsung Neo QLED builds on QLED's super-bright reputation, with anti-glare panels that absorb (on QN94A & above) or reduce (on QN90A & QN85A) reflections and ensure the integrity of your TV's picture at all times of the day. 

Samsung's Ultra Viewing Angle technology (on QN94A & above) also means you won’t be straining to see Samsung Neo QLED's picture detail or richness of colour wherever you're sitting in a room.

The brain of any smart TV is its processor, and new Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 8K and 4K chips – with AI-powered 8K processing aided by 16 multi-model neural networks – are enabling the Samsung TV range to automatically enhance, upscale, and enliven picture sources more competently than ever before - so you all you need to do is sit back and watch. 

As ever, Samsung Neo QLED supports the dynamic HDR10+ standard to calibrate compatible movies and TV shows with metadata for every frame.


Samsung QN900A

(Image credit: Samsung)

This year's flagship is the QN900A Neo QLED, an 8K TV able to hit 4,000 nits of brightness – or 3,000 for its smallest 65-inch size – making it the brightest Samsung TV on the market today. 

Its crisp 8K screen and advanced upscaling will make even low-resolution sources look sharp and full of detail. All this, on the fully immersive, edge-to-edge Infinity Screen.

And thanks to Object Tracking Sound Pro action-tracking audio and an array of 10 dedicated TV speakers, sound travels from side to side, and top to bottom of the screen, following the action on screen - adding real dimensionality and verticality to soundtracks, effects, and dialogue alike.


Next is the QN800A, another Samsung Neo QLED with a premium and ultra slim design, packaged with the new Slim One Connect box (also on the QN900A) to tidy cables away from the screen and out of sight – even hidden behind the TV stand, if you want it to be – ensuring there are no distractions for the impactful 8K picture this Mini LED-lit screen can provide. 

2,000 nits of brightness means you'll get rich colours and bright highlights well above the average smart Ultra HD TV, with the upscaling smarts to offer incredible 8K detail on its expansive screen.

QN95A & QN94A

The QN95A offers the strengths and capabilities of a true Neo QLED TV, as this year's 4K flagship, and the 65-inch model is a TechRadar Editor's Choice Award winner. 

The Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 4K benefits from the latest Deep Learning Algorithms to adjust images in real-time for the level of brightness, contrast, and detail that each film, TV series or documentary deserves.

The Slim One Connect box with the QN95A will keep the space around this sleek Neo QLED TV clear, while both models benefit from the Anti-Reflection screen paired with Ultra Viewing Angle technology, and 2,000 nits of HDR-enhancing brightness meaning you're not compromising when opting for a 4K screen.

Both the QN95A and QN94A offer Object Tracking Sound Plus for immersive 3D action-tracking audio, as well as a Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus mode to make 120Hz gaming as smooth and lag-free as you need it to be.

The QN94A offers the latest Samsung Neo QLED 4K technology innovations – just without the One Connect Box cable management solution. The 50-inch QN94A uses a simplified Object Tracking Sound Lite speaker array and less advanced Wide Viewing Angle, to help bring down the cost at smaller sizes too, making it a smart choice for those who don’t need all of the latest features.


Lastly, the QN85A brings Mini LED backlighting to a mid-range television, with up to 1,500 nits of brightness pumped through its thousands of tiny, hyper-focused LEDs. The Neo Quantum Processor 4K ensures a crisp and AI-enhanced picture, as well as AI sound to best calibrate audio frequencies for all kinds of viewing environments and TV content.

You'll even get HDMI 2.1, and with VRR and 4K @ 120Hz capabilities you're sure to make the most of the latest gaming technologies across the entire Neo QLED range. And FreeSync Premium Pro is token that you'll experience best-in-class HDR gaming on your big Neo QLED TV screen.

With Samsung Neo QLED, there's never been a better time to buy Samsung.