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Pioneer 1TB Blu-ray Disc in the works

400GB - pah! 1TB is where it's at
400GB - pah! 1TB is where it's at

Yes, you read the title right, Pioneer has indicated that it is currently developing a 1TB Blu-ray Disc.

According to DigiTimes, the company hinted that it was working on the capacious 1TB Blu-ray disc, but won't be releasing it until a 400GB version and 500GB version hits the shops.

The news was delivered at the IT Month Fair in Taipei, where Pioneer showcased its much-anticipated 400GB Blu-ray Disc.

Not only did they have a lovely lady to show off the 16-layer BD, the company also released come interesting specifications.

Player compatible

Firstly, you will be glad to hear that the 400GB disc WILL be compatible with existing players, so when it does eventually hit shelves, your current machine of choice will be able to spin it.

Currently, there is only a read-only version available which will retail sometime between now and 2010. For those waiting to put all their movies on to one disc, then you'll have to wait until around 2012 for a rewriteable version.

As for the 1TB version, it apparently won't see the light of day until 2013.