AWS and Salesforce want to make video streaming better than ever

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Two of the world's biggest technology firms have joined together in an attempt to make video streaming a more pleasant experience for viewers across the world.

AWS and Salesforce have launched a selection of new services aimed at improving video streaming for users everywhere, allowing content distributors to provide a wider and more intuitive range of services alongside a better end-user experience.

The new services combine AWS analytics, AI, and machine learning tools alongside Salesforce Customer 360 and its Media Cloud platform.

Streaming success

The companies say this collection of tools allows content providers such as TV and online networks to provide more personalized experiences for customers. 

This could include more relevant adverts, suggestions of other content to watch or subscribe to, or recommendations on upgrading their viewing package, such as adding new channels.

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This should also help improve customer satisfaction with the services they receive, hopefully leading to ongoing loyalty and longer subscriptions.

The new offerings will also allow the content providers to get more insight into exactly who their customers are, and what kind of services they are interested in, and want to see more of. Salesforce's technology will provide a wealth of information on what drives engagement for individual customers, offering ideas on content recommendations and more.

“Attracting and retaining a diverse audience while delivering consistent, high-quality video is one of the key challenges content distributors face today," said Christopher Dean, VP and GM, Media & Entertainment & Media Cloud, Salesforce.

"The Salesforce and AWS relationship brings together a comprehensive, industry-specific media offering designed for direct-to-consumer video and live streaming services. This allows content distributors to enhance their capabilities while also helping them rapidly launch new service offerings, such as subscription packages and product bundles."

“Together, we’re providing a customizable set of scalable and easy-to-deploy content tools and AI-driven subscriber journeys to further help studios, streamers, publications, and other distributors quench consumers’ thirst for personalized content.”

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