Spotify's Discover Weekly is looking to soundtrack your week

Discover Weekly
Spotify's new personalised playlist

Music-streaming heavyweight, Spotify, has just announced a new feature aimed at delivering a personalised playlist top you each and every Monday to kickstart your week.

Discover Weekly will sit at the top of your playlist folder, offering two hours of music tailored specifically to your own tastes and what people like you are listening to at the moment.

Each song in the weekly-updated playlist will be based both on the tracks and artists that you've been listening to as well as what other folk have been playlisting themselves. Spotify reckons this will make each playlist "completely unique and full of deep cuts and new discoveries."

This refresh to Spotify's music discovery setup is very welcome - offering an easy, one-click way of checking out a fresh stream of music that might be new to you, but which should also be right up your street.

Apple Music recently launched with a focus on tailoring its offerings to your own personal taste, and with curated playlists put together by real human beings. Spotify will be be hoping spreading the new Discover feature into your playlist folder can strike a blow back against the Apple system.

Be your best friend...

Being delivered directly to you as a ready-made playlist also means you can easily take it offline first thing on Monday and carry it with you.

Spotify is likening it to a mixtape made by your best buddy. It just wants to be your friend...

"High Fidelity's Rob Gordon had it right - the making of a mixtape is a very subtle art. That's why we created Discover Weekly," says Gustav Söderström, VP of Product at Spotify. "There's never been a simpler, more personalised way to discover music, with every playlist tuned just to you every single week."

Discover Weekly will appear right at the top of your playlist folder and should pop up very soon, so keep an eye out. It's being rolled out over the next few weeks, so depending on your region you might have to wait for your first playlist.

It is though time-zone synced, so it will appear on Monday morning no matter where you are based in the world.

But it does take time for the algorithm to figure out your musical tastes, so new users will find they don't get a personalised playlist for a couple of weeks after joining up.

Because the Discover Weekly playlist lives in your own playlist folder, and is tailored uniquely to you, it gets refreshed every Monday morning and that means wiping the slate clean and starting again.

So if you forget to favourite your pick of the 30-or-so tracks in each week's offerings you'll miss out.