Android Q developer beta is now available on the Nokia 8.1

Image credit: TechRadar

The full, finished release of Android Q likely won’t land on any handset until around August, but if you have a Nokia 8.1 you can access a developer beta of the software right now.

This is one of the first phones to offer any version of Android Q, following the Google Pixel 3 and the rest of the Pixel range, which has been able to access it since March.

You can sign up for the developer beta on Nokia's site, but as the name suggests this is aimed at developers, which, coupled with being a beta, means you might want to think twice – it’s going to be unfinished and might be unstable. That said, if you are a developer or just want an early look at Android Q, now’s your chance.

If you don’t have a Nokia 8.1 (or a Pixel handset), don’t worry. The fact that a non-Pixel phone now has access to Android Q means that some others might soon get access too. But again, this isn’t finished software, so it might be worth waiting anyway.

It could be worth the wait though, as Android Q is expected to add new privacy features, a revamped permissions overview, a new battery-saving dark theme, new developer controls and improved gesture controls, among other things.

We’d expect as-yet-unknown new features and refinements will be found in the final release too, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we hear about them.

James Rogerson

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