Alan Wake 2 might get a physical release after all

Alan Wake sitting at his desk in the Cauldron Lake cabin
(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

Alan Wake 2 might not be consigned to a digital-only release after all, as publisher THQ Nordic expressed its interest in providing a physical version of the upcoming title.

Releasing October 17, Alan Wake 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Remedy's 2010 cult hit. Sadly, fans were understandably left dismayed when the game's official FAQ page confirmed a digital-only release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and Epic Games Store. At least at the time of launch.

It looks like THQ Nordic wants to make sure that isn't the case, however. Replying to Remedy's official Twitter account, the publisher stressed to "give it some thought," in regards to partnering with it for a physical release. 

The rapport makes sense, as THQ published the physical PC version of Alan Wake over a decade ago. It's sensible, then, that THQ Nordic would want to rebuild that relationship and ensure physical game collectors are satisfied.

For me, Alan Wake 2 was the big winner at the recent PlayStation Showcase. The survival horror game is shaping up to be another resplendent feather in Remedy's cap now that we've had snippets of gameplay and a through-the-keyhole look at the tortured writer's next chapter.

The complete lack of a physical release for a game as high-profile as Alan Wake 2 is pretty alarming at first. But, not all that surprising when digital purchases continue to trend upwards.

That doesn't mean a physical release for Alan Wake 2 shouldn't be on the table, though. Digital marketplaces are volatile by nature; if store fronts are offline for whatever reason come launch day, you simply won't be able to buy the game. Physical releases will also outlast online stores when they inevitably reach the end of their shelf life.

For the sake of long term preservation, then, I sincerely hope Remedy and THQ Nordic (or another interested party) can reach an agreement for a physical version of Alan Wake 2 before launch.

Until then, if you're fiending for a survival horror fix, check out the Alone in the Dark prologue demo that's available to download and play right now.

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