Adobe and Microsoft team up to tackle some of the worst bits of hybrid working

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Adobe wants to tackle the challenging nature of hybrid working - and it's partnering with Microsoft to do it. 

At Microsoft Build 2022, the software house revealed new integrations between some of its best known tools, including Microsoft Teams, Power Automate,, and Adobe’s own PDF editors

The reveal further increases the ties between the two companies, as Microsoft and Adobe have long-partnered on business software to deliver “the most modern work experience, centered on technology that enhances teamwork, collaboration, and efficiencies.” Now, the firms hope to create “all-in-one, digital experiences to where people already work, like Microsoft.” 

What to expect

Acrobat + Teams

Adobe is promising to make it even easier to read, annotate, convert, and sign Acrobat documents on Microsoft Teams. Acrobat for Teams has already added Single Sign-On - a secure identity management tool - and introduced a personalized homepage for easy file access. These features are now also available in Acrobat Sign for Teams, letting users quickly sign documents via a Teams notification without disrupting their workflow. + Live Share, the video review and online collaboration tool, has seen plenty of integrations since Adobe bought the business last year. So, it’s of little surprise to see Adobe integrate the software with Microsoft’s own real-time collaboration tool, Live Share. While technically a proof-of-concept piece, the preview shows how can sync and streamline the review of video edits within a Microsoft app. 

Acrobat + Purview Information Protection

With sensitive data flowing across all businesses, staying compliant in the face of global data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA is imperative. Microsoft’s Purview Information Protection already allows businesses to track and secure confidential information. Now, Adobe Acrobat lets you easily add Purview Information Protection to PDFs, so only authorized users can manage and approve the contents. 

Adobe + Power Automate

The document management software house announced two integrations with Power Automate - Microsoft’s automation system for switching out manual processes. Power Automate will now be directly available in Acrobat Sign, letting you automate workflows and audit e-signatures. Adobe Experience Manager Forms, meanwhile, can now connect with Power Automate to automatically complete actions.

Sign + Search

No more switching between apps to check signature statuses. Users will now be able to search Microsoft 365 for agreement tasks, saving time across departments and work processes. 

To allow seamless roll-out of these new integrations as seamless, IT teams can now package Acrobat and Acrobat Sign add-ins to Microsoft’s office software, including Word and Outlook.

“Through the deeper integrations between Adobe and Microsoft that we’ve announced today, we continue to innovate to elevate today’s agile and rapidly evolving workforce,” said Ashley Still, Adobe’s SVP of Digital Media.

Charles Lamanna, Corporate VP, Business Apps & Platform at Microsoft, agreed, believing the two companies are “delivering advanced workflow capabilities through Power Automate and Acrobat Sign that will give our joint customers a better way to get things done.”

And Adobe is promising more to come - including FedRAMP Moderate authorization for government officials, which “extends e-signatures to highly sensitive processes.”

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