1Password reveals passwordless authentication add-on for all your favourite browsers

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(Image credit: Passwork)

Top password management firm 1Password has just released a new “sign-in with” feature, which enables users to automatically save and fill in the logins they use for 3rd party "single sign-on" providers.

Single sign-on (SSO) allows employees to log into a variety of their accounts with just one secure identity, as opposed to creating and managing separate usernames and passwords for every website.

Third-party providers supported by the new extension include Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Okta, and GitHub.  

Why the launch?

Though SSO is definitely a useful tool for many users, 1Pasword claim that it has identified some issues with the approach.

“While single sign-on is helpful in reducing the number of passwords needed, it’s still a hassle for people to keep tabs on which third-party provider was used [to create an account]," said Steve Won, Chief Product Officer at 1Password. 

"Our new browser extension feature alleviates this by allowing users to sign in to their favorite apps and websites with one click.”

The company recently unveiled research that claims more than a quarter (26%) of employees have given up on doing something at work to avoid the hassle of logging in, while nearly half of employees use personal accounts such as Google or Facebook for SSO at work.

Where can I sign up?

The new solution is currently available for 1Password customers using either family or business accounts and it will include support for the majority of mainstream browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

1Password has remained active when it comes to implementing new technology. In November 2022, Won announced that the password manager will add support for passkeys, the eminent biometric sign-in standard, from 2023 onwards.

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