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Roxio Copy and Convert review

A user-friendly approach to digital media management

Essentially, Copy and Convert is a cut down version of Easy Media Creator

Our Verdict

Affordable, but its scope is limited by its stripped-down nature


  • Great price

    Easy to use


  • Some features are sorely missed

Copy and Convert uses the same engine as Roxio's complete data back up suite, Easy Media Creator. This is undoubtedly a good thing, as the Roxio's well honed interface provides the most intuitive backup environment out there.

Essentially, Copy and Convert is a cut down version of the main program, with the focus on converting digital audio and video to use on any of a myriad of portable devices. You can still copy any data CD you want, but the option to create a new disc compilation and back up any files on your system has gone.

The method to copy discs is identical to how most other tools offer it: you either save a disc image to your hard drive or copy on the fly. Saved images can later be copied to a blank disc, Blu-ray or HD DVD if you wish. You also have the option to copy DVD movies, but only after agreeing to a legal disclaimer.

Roxio's main emphasis is on the conversion process for digital media, allowing you to take files from your computer and output in a format suitable for an Apple iPod, Sony PSP, 3G phone or even in high definition. You can either then send these files to a disc or keep the converted media on your PC. A quick tinkering with the options screen reveals advanced settings to choose NTSC/PAL framerates and the screen format.

The audio features are not quite as comprehensive as those for video. You have every option you could want to take data from an audio CD and convert to MP3, WMA, AAC or even WAV formats. Batch conversion tools allow you to alter your entire music collection with one click.

There is no option to burn a Red Book compliant music compilation from stored files - this would have been a perfect addition to the suite on offer, since it is a popular and straightforward way of sharing digital audio.

Although Copy and Convert does a good job of catering for the digital backup market, there are times we want features that are only present in Easy Media Creator.

Copy and Convert is easier on your wallet, but unless you are certain you don't need any more features than what is on offer here, we say pay the extra for the full Easy Media Creator.