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Nova Media Phone Plugins for Mac OS X review

Dial and text from your mobile phone, from any application on your Mac…

Phone Plugins for Mac OS X
Phone Plugins lets you send a text to any number contained within an application on your Mac

Our Verdict

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  • Good value for money
  • No more txt spk
  • Handy and unobtrusive


  • Only one Mac at a time

After pairing your Bluetooth mobile phone with Phone Plugins, you can use your Mac to send an SMS or dial out from your handset.

Just highlight a phone number offered in any application, right or click to access the contextual menu and pick one of the new options, Send Text or Dial Number.

Naturally, the phone number must be an actual character string and not part of a graphic. Thus you could use a number offered in a text document, PDF, email or Address Book, but not from a screenshot or photograph.

It ignores spaces, so numbers that are split for ease of reading work fine, and if the number in question is recognised from Address Book, the contact's name is displayed.

After dialling a landline or mobile number, you can hang up from your Mac, so there's no need to reach for your phone at all. But it's when sending texts that the plug-in comes into its own. You type your message on your Mac, and if you write more than the maximum 160 characters, Phone Plugins will split it across several SMSs. And because it's sent from your phone, there's no need to buy credits as you would with SMS Mac, say.

While Phone Plugins is excellent value for money, our only criticism is that you can't install it on more than one Mac at a time. Two would've been more generous, but apart from that, it's a great little app.

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