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Joost review

This popular TV streaming app is from the brains who brought you Skype, but is it any good?

Joost has a seriously slick interface that is sometimes a little too slick for its own good

Our Verdict

Needs verdict


  • Multinational approach
  • Huge improvement from original incarnation
  • Decent selection of shows


  • Interface can be difficult to use
  • Not much new content

Created by the brains behind Skype and popular file-sharing app Kazaa, Joost's original launch ranked top of the IPTV hype scale. But although expectations were high, because it used a P2P protocol for delivering video content, the standalone application wasn't especially well designed and lacked the variety of recent programming it needed.

The latest incarnation is through a web front end, similar in style to US competitor Hulu, but Joost is more multinational in its approach.

It's a vast improvement and while the non-sports programming isn't up to date – for example, you can watch shows such as Peep Show for free, but only episodes from the first two series – there's a good selection of programmes for most ages and tastes.

The channel browser is a little too slick for its own good, though. Clever Web 2.0 recommendations get in the way of actual listings, so finding videos is easier if you know what you're looking for.

It also can't be customised to add feeds from other sources. However, it's free and works on any platform.