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equinux Stationery Pack 2 review

Exciting new designs for your emails, but are they value for money?

equinux Stationery Pack 2
equinux Stationery Pack 2 is a good way of jazzing up the standard email format and giving it that perosnal touch

Our Verdict

A good enough package that will appeal to those who like Leopard Mail's stationery


  • Lots for your money
  • Interesting and functional designs
  • Easy to use


  • Exaggerated quantity
  • Nothing outstanding here
  • Awkward installation

With Leopard, Apple introduced a new feature for Mail that enables you to write your emails on personalised stationery. Just select one of the professionally produced HTML templates and add your own message and pictures. equinux Stationery Pack 2 beefs up this range of templates, offering new designs in Business, Invitations, Leisure, Feelings, Congratulations, Sports and Vacation categories.

After a tedious installation process, the new templates are accessed in exactly the same way as those bundled with Leopard's Mail app. We're promised 660 designs, but most are variations on a theme, with new colour schemes and minor detail changes, but the same basic layout.

Email templates

There are actually just over 120 unique designs. Quality-wise, they're on a par with the ones Apple gave us with Mail. Easy on the eye and entirely functional.

Just like Apple's pre-installed templates, putting an email together using a Stationery Pack 2 design is a simple affair. Just highlight and write over the default text with your message, and drag-and-drop pictures from Finder or the iPhoto browser onto any picture boxes that may be on offer. You can enlarge or reduce a picture using a slider, then reposition it by dragging it within the picture box.

The templates use standard HTML that can be read by most email programs, on Macs and PCs. Even with the exaggeration regarding the number of designs, you're still getting a lot for your money here. But at just under £30 it's hardly a give-away. And how often do you use Mail's stationery feature anyway?

If you use it a lot and are bored with it, you might find this worth it. Because Stationery Pack 2 uses the stationery feature in Leopard's Mail app, it won't work on older systems such as Tiger or Panther.