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Maxtor DiamondMax 11

A drive you can be proud of, possibly not...

My word that's a good looking hard drive

Our Verdict

A decent drive at a decent price, but the average test scores means it loses out overall


  • Cheap price per GB


  • Below average drive speeds

    Slow random access times

After the acquisition of Maxtor by its rival Seagate, the two companies are set to merge completely by the end of the year. Until then though, they'll continue to operate as separate entities in the market. From the rather average performance of the latest DiamondMax, though, it looks like that change can't come soon enough.

In terms of price per GB it manages a very decent 33p, but falls short of the top drives in almost all the other areas. Its random-access time of 18.5ms is the slowest in the test, almost 5ms; so in productivity and efficiency terms it doesn't compete.

It's a very average drive; not bad, but doesn't stand out either, especially when you compare it to Maxtor's new daddy, the Seagate. Dave James