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Samsung Syncmaster 244T review

Don't mention the lag

Samsung's technology lags on performance here

Our Verdict

The lag is a real oversight and will affect gamers, otherwise this would be unbeatable


  • Image is deep and crisp


  • There's an unacceptable amount of lag

Lag. It's a small word. But it's a big problem for this otherwise rather awesome 24-inch monitor. It's utterly baffling that a company like Samsung considers the 50ms of input lag this display suffers from to be acceptable.

It's an absolute killer as far as gaming is concerned. Hair trigger shooters like Counter-Strike are rendered unplayable. It even makes simple desktop duties feel sluggish.

Based on PVA technology, the 244T's image quality is wonderfully deep and crisp and even. Flawless backlighting, inky blacks and excellent pixel response are just a few of the highlights. Factor in the massive range of connection options and you have a winner...almost.