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Pure PocketDAB1500 review

A DAB radio that concentrates on the basics

The PocketDAB1500 reminds us a little of an elongated iPod

Our Verdict

It's far from perfect but when you get it working you won't be disappointed


  • Good DAB performance

    FM tuner works automatically


  • Fiddly joystick

    DAB takes a long time to tune in

Pure Digital's version of the portable DAB manages to be bigger and better than many rivals, this despite the fact that it doesn't allow MP3 playback.

Pure Digital does make a unit featuring a SD card slot for transferring MP3 files (the PocketDAB2000) but it's infinitely bulkier and more expensive. The PocketDAB1500 is less ambitious but ultimately a better option for those on the move.

At a pretty reasonable price, the PocketDAB1500 is reasonably compact, but quite long. Bigger than an iPod? In size only, yes. There aren't as many preset buttons for both DAB and FM frequencies as we might like, but that's really a minor issue.

What is of real significance is the usability, and this is where this Pure stumbles. The joystick provided is too small and fiddly to adjust something quickly while stepping off a bus, for example.

DAB functionality isn't perfect either, with the unit too slow to tune in, but it's worth the wait - it keeps the signal well and the sound is clear, deep and bass-friendly. If you use the EQ sound presets, things can also improve.

The FM tuner is also worth a mention, as it finds the nearest station on the dial without being asked.

An orange LCD may be a novelty, but the included Sennheiser in-earphones are indicative of the step-up in sound quality you get with this Pure. There are few extras to shout about, but Pure's back to basics approach with this DAB radio effort is a real scream.