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Belkin RockStar review

Share an album or audiobook on the beach

Belkin RockStar
An effective and good-looking way to share the music on your MP3 player

Our Verdict

The RockStar is cheap as chips, well-made, and it does its simple job nicely


  • Low price
  • Good build quality
  • Works well


  • Not everyone will see the point

This spidery earphone splitter channels the signal from your iPod or audio player to no less than five possible listeners.

We struggled to think of a time when this would come in useful, but then remembered those halcyon teenage days when a good tune on a Walkman could break some serious ice.

It would also be handy on a beach holiday, saving you and your partner carrying two iPods – and even handier if you own one player between you.

Solid build

It worked faultlessly for us, and there is no interruption to the audio when new listeners plug in or out. You get one short cable for docking with an audio source, including iPods and iPhones. It doesn't require batteries.

The connection ports are all good-quality and the overall build quality seems very robust. Apart from wanting a longer cable to connect with the audio source, we can't fault it.