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Razer Nabu X now on sale

Razer Nabu X

Razer's latest fitness band was only announced a few weeks ago at CES 2015, but it is already out of the starting blocks.

The Razer Nabu X keeps a similar design flow to the original Nabu, but even more minimalist, with the text display from the original gone, replaced by a line of three LEDs. These can be customised to different colours for different alerts, and there's also vibration for notifications.

The detachable tracking module inside the band keeps tabs on your distance travelled, steps taken, calories burnt and how long you sleep, as with every other fitness band ever. A comprehensive feature set (for its genre) for $50/£45, in other words.

The simple functionality and removal of the text display is presumably what makes the Nabu X smaller and lighter than it's older brother, not to mention boosting the battery life to 5-7 days and reducing the price.

There's also a twist in the tail, courtesy of what Razer calls 'Pulse'. This is essentially NFC tech, built into the Nabu and Nabu X so that you can swap contact details with a high five, or compete for step supremacy with those around you.

Does this budget fitness band sound like the one for you? Check out our Razer Nabu X hands-on for some more impressions.