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iPhoto is dead, long live Photos for OS X


iPhoto is a bloated, slithering mess of an application, and Apple is finally putting it out of its misery.

The company promised last June that both iPhoto and Aperture would be replaced with a new application called Photos for OS X come Yosemite, and now that change is almost upon us.

A developer version of the new Photos app is going out today, according to The Verge, which got its hands on it and published some impressions.

The Photos app apparently has a cleaner, more intuitive interface - like the iOS Photos app - and it's tied closely to the cloud and your other Apple devices, although its editing tools aren't as advanced as Aperture's.

Who's next?

Photos will soon enter into public beta, followed by a full release as part of a free update before Summer, the site says. However, users will still be able to keep iPhoto and Aperture on their machines.

It's great to see Apple actually replacing some of its outdated software instead of just slapping a new, even crappier coat of paint on it. OS X users can only hope that iTunes and Mail are next.