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Samsung launches DivX-enabled PMPs

Samsung has announced three new multimedia devices, the R1, R0 and M1, with DivX compatibility and an 8GB and 16GB memory.

All three devices are on show at IFA 2009 at the moment, so we're hoping for a decent hands on with the new PMPs soon.


Samsung m1

The most impressive of the group, the M1, is a direct route from London to the North, but also brings a 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen, DNSe sound enhancement, a MicroSD slot, a built-in stereo speaker, FM radio, voice recording and Bluetooth capabilities as well as customisable flash-based widgets.

It's likely to get a UK release date of early in Q4, but no price has been given as yet.

The R-Series from Samsung now brings the R1 and R0, with watered down functionality and presumably a smaller price.


Sasmung r1

The R1 has a 2.6-inch wide touchscreen as well as the DNSe sound and the DivX playback, and the 8GB version will be available from September 2009 priced from £129.99, and the 16GB player will be available priced from £149.99.


Samsung r0

The little brother in the family, the R0 (we can't remember the time anything was labelled with a 0) is a 'study in practicality', whatever that is, and has physical keys (for use in the dark apparently) with a MicroSD expansion slot.

It will also be available in the UK from early in Q4, but has no price as yet.

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