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Apple iOS 4.1 UK release date set for 8 Sept

iOS 4.1 - Wednesday arrival?
iOS 4.1 - Wednesday arrival?

Apple UK's site has accidentally revealed that the next version of iOS 4.1 will be available on September 8, although that has now been changed to 'coming soon'.

According to Gizmodo, the Apple UK site published the news on Saturday before coming in line with the rest of the global Apple sites and changing back to a less specific date.

This means that we could be in line for an update to our iPhones as soon as Wednesday this week.


iOS 4.1 was shown off by Steve Jobs running on the new iPod Touch, which would appear to confirm that the release for iPhones is coming sooner rather than later.

The eagerly-anticipated iOS 4.1 release will bring Apple's Game Centre, Apple's iTunes Ping 'social discovery' features , HD video uploads and HDR photography.

It's a significant update and we will, of course, keep you in the phone loop when it arrives.

Via Gizmodo