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Better graphics in updated MacBooks

The MacBook and MacBook Pro ranges have been upgraded to Santa Rosa

Apple has upgraded its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers to feature Intel's Santa Rosa chipset. The biggest news is faster graphics and the presence of Intel's GMA X3100 integrated video card.

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As we reported two days ago, the big news is the new Intel GMA X3100 video card. You can also opt for a new Apple MacBook with up to 4GB internal memory, and a hard drive up to 250GB with 5400rpm.

New MacBook Pro

On the Apple MacBook Pro side, the changes are less significant. The low-end model has been equipped with the same 250GB, 5400rpm hard drive as the Apple MacBook, and you can go for a more powerful 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor rather than the previous 2.4GHz chip.

All the new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro configurations are available on the Apple Store now. Prices remain unchanged.