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Twitter announces crowd-sourced translation service

Twitter boss no longer lost in translation
Twitter boss no longer lost in translation

Twitter boss Dick Costolo has announced that a crowd-sourced translation service is coming to Twitter.

Much like the translation tool used in Facebook, Twitter is looking to the crowd to offer up a way to translate a multitude of foreign language tweets on the site.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress 2011, Costolo said about the new service: "Twitter has become a truly global phenomenon.

"Today we are announcing the release of a translation centre that will crowd-source translations.

"The first languages to be translated will be Turkish, Russian, Indonesian and Portuguese."

Twitter success

Costolo also revealed what he feels are the barebones of what makes Twitter so successful.

In his speech he noted that: "Twitter needs to be instantly useful, it needs to be simple and it needs to be always present."

Costolo will be hoping that the new translation service will have these values.

Although Costolo skirted over how the translation service would work, he did say that it can also be used for the company's advertising platform.