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Crazy Japanese firm sells vitamins for gamers

Eye-strengthening blueberry pill, anyone?

In 2008, or so it seems, people will buy pretty much anything that's put in front of them. Even, if they're in Japan, vitamin supplements marketed specifically at video-game players.

The not-at-all-ridiculous idea comes from a company called Kyowa Pharmaceuticals in the shape of two kinds of vitamin tablets under the 'Game Supli' brand.

Fatty acids too

An outlay of ¥880 (£4.30) brings a pack of either 30 eye-strengthening blueberry pills or 30 DHA bombs that are supposed to help concentration. Take two per day - or so the label says - and you'll be fragging with the best of them.

If you're reading this and happen to be in Japan, feel free to order your hit of nonsense from online retailer Cyber Gadget. We are not making this up.

(Via Trends In Japan)