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Microsoft to renew Heroes TV show for Xbox?

Heroes on Xbox
How to stop an exploding console?

While the world anxiously awaits any information about the new Xbox, Microsoft is looking for some superhuman help to boost its online entertainment offerings, with reports Redmond is looking to resurrect the once popular NBC show Heroes.

There's not a lot in the way of details, other than Microsoft's Xbox entertainment studio would use the brand to create new stories and heroes, with potential cameos from the original show's cast where possible.

There's also no word about whether this will be for the current generation of Microsoft console or the next-gen.

It's all very much in the preliminary stages, but given the rumours that the Xbox 720 will take over your TV, having an exclusive content deal like this could help Redmond's chances of winning the next generation. After all, save the cheerleader, save the world, right?

Via: TVline

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