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Apple shows off eco credentials online

Green Apple?
Green Apple? You can judge for yourself

Apple has launched an environment section on its website, as the company looks to show off its green credentials.

The company has found itself on the wrong end of criticism over some of its environmental policies – and even found one of its shareholder meetings picketed back in 2004 over its then-policy on recycling old machines.

But the company is keen to show its improving eco-credentials, and the new section talks up the decision to ban harmful substances and, perhaps most interestingly, gives a run-down of its environmental impact.


"To accurately measure a company's environmental footprint, you must look at the impact that company's products have on the planet," says Apple's site.

"Apple uses comprehensive life cycle analysis to determine exactly where our greenhouse gas emissions - all 10.2 million metric tons of them - come from."

In computer production terms, things are certainly improving; Apple says that a 30 per cent improvement in energy efficiency in the new 20 inch iMac will reduce carbon emissions enough in four years to offset all the emissions from Apple's facilities worldwide for a year.

There is also info about the company's recycling program, supplier responsibilities and environmental reports on its products.

You can check it out at