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The guys who hacked Chrysler's Jeeps now work at Uber


Looks like Uber wants to take care of its own hacking issues in-house, with the news that the duo behind the Jeep Chrysler hack has been hired by the company.

The hack led to the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles, with the news of other teams hacking the Tesla Model S, GM cars and a Corvette in the following months.

Raffi Krikorian, who works at Uber's Advanced Technology center, tweeted that Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, would be joining the center starting next week.

Charlie Miller also took to Twitter to say, "Looking forward to starting Tuesday with the great team at @Uber Advanced Technology Center. Should be a cool challenge and a lot of fun."

In-house hacks

Besides making it very public that Uber is seriously taking on security against hacking, the question is, what will the duo be doing over at its Advanced Technology center?

Obviously, the main concerns right now would be involved with the security of users private information on the Uber app, as well as the tech used by Uber cars.

And as autonomous cars become closer to reality, we imagine the hacker duo will also help with the development of Uber's self-driving cars, which saw a massive endorsement come from Arizona this week.

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