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TomTom vs Navman vs Garmin: satnav super test

Which satnav is best - the TomTom GO 920 T, the Garmin nuvi 770 or the Navman S90i?

Standalone satnavs are fast reaching saturation point in the UK, with dozens of different devices from a wide variety of big name brands all scrapping for their own slice of the pie. Getting the lion's share is TomTom, whose brilliant combination of user-friendliness and innovative features attracted 50 per cent of all satnav buyers in Europe last year.

But with TomTom reporting an 83 per cent profits drop this week, and an over-reliance on frivolous features, has it bitten off more than it can chew?

To find out, we pitted three flagshap satnav systems against each other to see if we could identify a clear winner - the TomTom Go 920 T, the Garmin nuvi 770 or the Navman S90i. The result may surprise you. To find out which was best, read:

TomTom Go 920 T review

Garmin nuvi 770 review

Navman S90i review

Disagree with our verdicts? Or do you think there are better alternatives out there? Let us know - comment below!