How to protect your home and business with IP Security

Moving outside

Many of the security systems already mentioned also have cameras designed for exterior use. Often, you will just want to keep an eye on the outside of your home or business premises. Here, IP cameras are a great and convenient way to set up this kind of CCTV surveillance.

One of the most integrated and easy to set up systems is pairing Cammy with Foscam cameras. The Cammy website even offers recommendations for the ideal camera to use in various situations.


Using a combination of the Foscam (pictured above), Cammy CCTV cloud iPad app (pictured below) and BT's plugin wireless hotspot extender, I have an IP CCTV system I can view from anywhere. Great for when I'm on holiday in Cornwall!


How you will connect your cameras to a power source and the internet to save the camera footage is an important consideration to make before deciding on the ideal location for each camera. The Foscam FI9805P Megapixel Outdoor Wireless IP Camera is a great camera as it can be set up in minutes. You'll need a spare mains socket, and then you have a choice whether to set up the camera using its built-in Wi-Fi, or use Ethernet.

One handy tip if you want to use Ethernet, but don't want to run cables to your router, is to use an existing mains power socket. You may already extend the Wi-Fi footprint you have in your home or business using devices such as BT's Wi-Fi Extenders that use the existing ring main to expand the range of your existing Wi-Fi signal.

Simply plug your camera's Ethernet cable in (most extenders have two Ethernet sockets) and you can start to record video footage from your cameras, or even watch a live stream from all the cameras you have attached.

Hack danger

Using Wi-Fi to monitor your home or business will mean paying close attention to security. Last year news broke that it was possible to hijack CCTV cameras connected to the internet, with some computer and TV webcams also allegedly being monitored. It is important to ensure that your router has up-to-date firmware, which will include the latest security protocols. However, it's still up to you when it comes to continued security, so use strong passwords and always change the default security settings on any device connected to the internet.

On its blog page, the Information Commissioner's Office stated: "The ability to access footage remotely is both an internet cameras biggest selling point and, if not setup correctly, potentially its biggest security weakness. Remember, if you can access your video footage over the internet then what is stopping someone else from doing the same?"

August and phone

Carrying a number of keys is the norm for everyone. What if you could throw them away, and unlock your home with your smartphone?

Installing camera surveillance in your home or business is a great first step to combating burglary and vandalism. Technology is also about to have an impact on other areas of security – smart locks are the hot new product at the moment with a number of developers already stating that we can all throw away our keys. The August Smart Lock and the Haven Lock are just two examples of new security technology that could be coming to your home soon.

August smart lock

The inner workings of the August Smart Lock laid bare

If you have ambitions to upgrade the security at your home or business, installing IP-based CCTV is an effective and relatively straightforward task anyone can accomplish. In the future we'll see more smart technologies in our homes that will offer intelligent monitoring with security being a major component.