Madden 23 player ratings: who are the best players?

Madden 23 player ratings, player throwing a block
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Great news sports fans, the Madden 23 player ratings are out. However, rather than force you to sit down and trawl through them all, we thought we'd do the hard part for you. We've collated a list of the five best players at every position to make your life just a bit easier. 

It's clear that Madden 23 wants to do right by the late, great man in its title and, after the relative disappointment of Madden 22, hopes are high for a return to the series' fundamentals. It's refreshing, therefore, to know that Madden 23 has no intention of deviating from the classic rating system that has allowed the game to so faithfully recreate the NFL's gridiron contests over the years. With that, EA has kindly put out an entire list of each player's rating for you to mull over. 

As you might expect, in keeping with tradition, the '99 Club' has made a return. This illustrious club of NFL players who enjoy a 99 overall rating opens its doors every year to new members. You'll find all four of its latest additions in the lists below. 

Though Madden 23's realism makes for bone-crunching pile-ups, the far more important question concerns exactly who we should be sending into those pile-ups in the first place. Our painstakingly prepared list will keep you up to date with exactly who you need to watch out for as you assemble your team. When the game releases on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC on August 15, you'll be ready to pick the right players for your quest for NFL supremacy. 

Here are the five players with the highest rating in Madden 23 at all of the key positions.

Madden 23 player ratings guide

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Quarterback

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Tom Brady

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Here's your line-up of the best Quarterbacks on offer in Madden 23.

  • Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 97
  • Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – 96
  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs – 95
  • Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills – 92
  • Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals – 90

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Full Back/Half Back

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Darrick Henry

(Image credit: EA)

These are the top rated Half Backs and Full Backs. 

  • Darrick Henry, Tennessee Titans – 97
  • Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers – 96
  • Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns – 96
  • Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts – 95
  • Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings – 94

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Wide Receiver

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Davante Adams

(Image credit: EA)

These are the five best Wide Receivers in Madden 23.

  • Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders – 99 – new member of the '99 Club'
  • Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams  – 98
  • Tyreek Hill,  Miami Dolphins – 97
  • Deandre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals – 96
  • Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills – 95

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Tight End

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide: Travis Kelce

(Image credit: EA)

Here are the five best rated Tight End players.

  • Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs – 98
  • George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers – 97
  • Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens – 93
  • Darren Waller, Vegas Raiders – 91
  • T.J. Hockenson, Detroit Lions – 89

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Left Tackle/Right Tackle

Madden 23: Rams players try to tackle a Bengal player

(Image credit: EA Games)

Want to know who's best on Left or Right Tackle? Look no further.

  • Trent Williams, San Francisco 49ers – 99 – new member of the '99 Club'
  • Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys – 95
  • David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers – 94
  • Terron Armstead, Miami Dolphins – 93
  • Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles – 92

Madden 23 player ratings guide: LG/RG/C

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide: Quenton Nelson

(Image credit: EA)

These players are your best bet for Left and Right Offensive Guard as well as Center.

  • Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys – 98
  • Quenton Nelson, Indianapolis Colts – 95
  • Corey Linsley, Los Angeles Chargers – 91
  • Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles – 90
  • Joel Bitonio, Cleveland Browns – 90

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Defensive Tackle/Left End/Right End

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Aaron Donald

(Image credit: EA)

Here are the top five players for your defensive line. 

  • Aaron Donald,Los Angeles Rams – 99 – new member of the '99 Club'
  • Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns – 99 – new member of the '99 Club'
  • Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers – 94
  • Cameron Heyward, Pittsburgh Steelers – 93
  • Vita Vea, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 93

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Middle Linebacker/Right and Left Outside Linebacker

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, TJ Watt

(Image credit: EA)

Here are the best options for Middle Linebackers as well as their Left and Right Outside counterparts. 

  • T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers – 96
  • Fred Warner, San Francisco 49ers – 94
  • Demario Davis, New Orleans Saint – 93
  • Khalil Mack, Los Angeles Chargers – 92
  • Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 92

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Cornerback

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Jalen Ramsey

(Image credit: EA)

Here are the five best Cornerbacks in Madden 23.

  • Jalen Ramsey, Los Angeles Rams – 98
  • Jaire Alexander, Green Bay Packers – 94
  • Tre’davious White, Buffalo Bills – 93
  • Darius Slay Jr, Philadelphia Eagles – 92
  • Denzel Ward, Cleveland Browns – 92

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Free Safety/Strong Safety

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Tyrann Mathieu

(Image credit: EA)

Get ready for the five best Free Safety and Strong Safety players in Madden 23 

  • Tyrann Mathieu,New Orleans Saints – 94
  • Derwin James Jr,Los Angeles Chargers – 93
  • Budda Baker, Arizona Cardinals – 92
  • Kevin Byard, Tennessee Titans – 92
  • Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos – 91

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Kicker

Madden 23 Player Ratings Guide, Justin tucker

(Image credit: EA)

These are the five highest rated Kickers in Madden 23.

  • Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens – 90
  • Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs – 84
  • Evan Mcpherson, Cincinnati Bengals – 83
  • Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers – 82
  • Yonghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons – 82

Madden 23 player ratings guide: Punter

Madden 23

(Image credit: EA Games)

Last but not least, these are the five best Punters on offer in Madden 23.

  • A.J. Cole III, Las Vegas Raiders – 84
  • Bryan Anger, Dallas Cowboys – 83
  • Johnny Hekker, Carolina Panthers – 82
  • Michael Dickson,Seattle Seahawks – 82
  • Tress Way, Washington Commanders – 82

There you have it. Now you know all the highest rated Madden 23 players for every position. Time to hit the gridiron.

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