Is refurbished tech too risky?

Sponsored: Buying refurbished is now the smart way to bag a tech bargain


It’s not too long ago that the idea of buying your new laptop online seemed a very odd thing to do. On reputable sites such as eBay, of course, customer protections have always been in place to make sure things run smoothly. Now there’s an even better way to bag a bargain: the eBay Refurbished Technology hub.

The eBay Refurbished Technology hub is home to some of the biggest and best tech bargains. You can expect savings of between 15%-30% – and even as much as 50% – when compared to the cost of buying new, with every item professionally refreshed and refurbished and backed by an eBay 12-month warranty.

Why refurbished?

So how come some gadgets end up being refurbished in the first place?

There are all kinds of reasons. It could be that a product had a hardware or software fault right out of the box or had minor scratches or dings and has been returned by the original customer. It could be that items – such as the user manual or cables – were missing. It could be the box it comes in has been damaged in some way. It could even be that the customer simply changed their mind and returned the item, unused or unopened. Even so, it can’t now be sold as new.

What happens next is that the laptop, TV or whatever it is, is checked and fixed, if necessary, by the original manufacturer or an approved re-seller and then sold as manufacturer or retailer refurbished. That means bargain hunters like you can effectively save tens or even hundreds of pounds on as good-as-new gadgets without the risk of ending up with a lemon.

To prove the point many big-name brands use eBay to sell refurbished items on their official outlet stores, including Argos, Currys PC World, Panasonic and action camera maker GoPro. 

Many of the items they sell can be found on the Refurbished Technology Hub – and your consumer protections are much the same as buying new: you have a right to change your mind, you have a warranty and eBay’s Money Back Guarantee

Shop with confidence

When looking for refurb tech bargains on the Refurbished Technology Hub or elsewhere on eBay, it pays to read the item description to find out exactly what’s on offer, what condition it will arrive in and whether the packaging and accessories will be originals or replacements. 

So is buying refurbished tech too risky? Not if you buy from a reputable retailer and stick to manufacturer refurbished products with a 12-month warranty. That way you can be reassured your device will work like it’s supposed to, you’re properly covered should anything go wrong, and you will have saved yourself a whole heap of money too.