God of War Ragnarok true ending: how to unlock the final cutscene

God of War Ragnarok true ending: Atreus places his hand on a door
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Wondering if there’s a God of War Ragnarok true ending to unlock? There absolutely is and it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

God of War had a secret ending that saw Kratos and Atreus visited by the electrifying Thor after returning to their home in Midgard – hinting at what was to come in the sequel. So we expected God of War Ragnarok would have one too. And we weren’t disappointed. 

God of War Ragnarok’s true ending takes place after the initial credits scroll you see when Ragnarok’s main questline is finished. This first credit scroll appears over gameplay, but the real ending cutscene is followed by a proper credits screen. 

Read on for how to unlock the God of War Ragnarok true ending, and make sure to check out our God of War Ragnarok ending explainer for an in-depth look at the main questline’s final chapter.

There are major spoilers for God of War Ragnarok ahead, so proceed with caution.

 How to unlock the God of War Ragnarok true ending 

God of War Ragnarok's Sindri watches a burning boat

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Once you finish The Realms at War chapter, and watch what appears to be the final cutscene, credits will begin to roll over gameplay as Kratos, Freya, and Mimir make their way back through Hoddmimis Holt. 

Like me, you may be tempted to head back to Midgard, to Kratos and Atreus’ house, in search of the true ending – after all, that’s where it was in God of War. However, all you’ll find there are some mementos Atreus left on the table from his own journey.

Instead, visit Lúnda at a dwarven workshop in any of the realms (she’s taken over from Brok and Sindri). She tells Kratos that there’s a memorial planned for Brok at Raeb’s tavern in Svartalfheim if he, Mimir, and Freya wish to pay their respects to the late dwarf. This starts the Favor ‘ A Viking Funeral’.

Head to the tavern in Svartalfheim, the closest mystic gateways are Niðavellir or Niðavellir West. When you get there, you’ll see Brok laid out on a table while Lúnda (she moves fast), Durlin, and others reminisce about him – Sindri, Brok’s brother, is notably absent. After listening to the others tell their stories, a cutscene will trigger that sees Kratos, Mimir, and Freya individually paying their respects to the slain dwarf. 

Final goodbyes will be said to Brok at Sverd Sands, so make your way over there next. Take one of the nearby mystic gateways to Aurvangar Wetlands and then take the pully ferry nearby (not a boat) across the water. It’s the same ferry you used when you broke pretend Týr out of his prison earlier in the game. 

Meet up with the party and the God of War Ragnarok true ending cutscene will begin (I won’t spoil exactly what happens here). When it’s over, you will get the real credits screen, after which you’re able to continue exploring the realms.

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