Diablo Immortal cross-platform: Does it have crossplay and cross-progression?

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Getting your head around Diablo Immortal cross-platform options is going to be key in maximizing your time with the game. Being able to move around your experience to fit your current needs will make sure you have a versatile set-up when taking on the demons of Hell. 

Diablo Immortal famously ruffled player feathers when it was announced back in 2018, with many fans concerned that the series was getting a mobile-only entry. Fast-forward to today though, and we now know the title is coming to PC too.

That’s great as players can now curate their experience to their needs, depending on if they are at home on their desktop, or in transit on their phone. However, that then raises the question, how much does it support cross-platform play, and are there any limitations to be wary of? Can you take your battles against hell with you on the road?

That’s why we’re here. We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about the cross-platform features of the title and how you can bring the game with you at any time. Here’s everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal’s cross-platform play. 

Diablo Immortal cross-platform

Diablo Immortal cross-platform: is it cross-progression?

Yes, thankfully. Even though the PC version is currently in beta, Diablo Immortal offers full cross-progression across both platforms. This means that no matter where you are, you can always have your builds and resources available to you. 

Blizzard is facilitating this service through the use of a Battle.net account. If you're on PC, this shouldn’t be an issue, as you need one to have access to Battle.net to boot the game. However, if you are starting on phone, it’s worth checking that you aren’t using a guest profile. 

In a blog post about cross-platform features Blizzard says: “Alternatively, if you start playing Diablo Immortal on mobile, you may either sign in to your Battle.net account or you will be supplied a guest account. If you have a Battle.net account, then you will be able to seamlessly transfer in-between playing on either platform simply by logging into your Battle.net account.”

To sign-up for a Battle.net account head over to the Blizzard website

Diablo Immortal cross-platform: is it cross-play?

Diablo Immortal also supports cross-play between PC and mobile devices. This means that not only can players bring their own progression with them, they can play with their buddies no matter where they are too.

Blizzard said in their blog post about cross-platform features: “Cross-play and cross-progression features between mobile and PC will make allying with other brave adventurers a breeze regardless of platform. When the PC version leaves the Open Beta period, all the progress and purchases you’ve made will be maintained.”

This kind of freedom is a huge boon to Diablo Immortal. It allows everyone to tailor their experience as they wish and have their experience with as few disruptions as possible. 

So, no matter if you are playing on your massive gaming rig at home and your pal is heading to work on the bus, you can play together. That’s a lovely level of freedom. 

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