Diablo Immortal Monk: overview and best builds

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The Diablo Immortal Monk is a fierce warrior that uses its fists and speed to strike devastating blows. If you enjoy pacey gameplay with the freedom to choose either damage or utility-focused builds to suit your personal skillset, this may be the class for you.

Being such a strong all-rounder in the world of Diablo Immortal, Monks can be a challenge to master since they require a more varied playstyle to truly make them shine. Between keeping track of your cooldowns and striking the right balance between offensive and defensive, you’ll have your hands full with this hero. Like in all action games, it can often feel like a tightrope walk to mitigate instances of taking damage whilst dealing some of your own, too.

However, the Monk’s’ incredible speed means that you can take advantage of its special skills to avoid damage. As a Monk, you can play with defensive strategies in mind to protect your entire squad or go on the offense by honing in on your crowd-control skills to knock out a group of enemies with ease. 

Since they have so much going for them, playing a Monk may be a challenge for newcomers. It is a fun class to play and will reward players who persevere, so we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know about playing as the Monk in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Monk

Diablo Immortal Monk: All skills

A Diablo Immortal monk splitting their spirt forms

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A powerhouse of speed, offense, and defensive strategies, the Monk is a behemoth.

With great power comes a great learning curve, however, so here is a list of every skill your Monk can master if you want to check out what you're working with ahead of time.

Fists of Thunder (Primary Attack)

  •  Unlocks at level 1

The traditional sequence of punches from the Monk comes in the form of Fists of Thunder, your first option for Primary Attack. Additionally, it has a passive that makes it possible for you to teleport to the nearest target. This skill is powerful in single target situations which encompass PvP and most PvE boss content. It's great for pursuing enemies to keep up the constant damage too.

The ultimate Lightning Flux is a buffed version of it that adds a shield to the monk for a period of time, as well as electrical damage.

Deadly Reach (Primary Attack)

  •  Unlocks at level 34 

Deadly Reach is more like an energy punch and is your second option for Primary Attack. Every time you use it a small wave of energy is shot from the monk’s fists piercing enemies in that direction. It has the potential to work better against groups of enemies in comparison with Fists of Thunder, but it has no utility or mobility. The ultimate Release Force is basically an enhanced version that throws enemies away and also gives you a shield.

Cyclone Strike

A Diablo Immortal monk using Cyclone Strike

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  •  Unlocks at level 3

Although Monks can easily reach their enemies by using other skills, Cyclone Strike can also be a deadly ability since it pulls enemies in your direction. You can charge it to hit a bigger area while and control groups of enemies for you and your allies to strike. This is a great skill for PvP and PvE making your life easier when in need to clear areas or prime enemies for an attack. 

Exploding Palm

  •  Unlocks at level 20 

The Exploding Palm skill will take some time to get used to in order consistently hit your enemies, but once mastered, this skill becomes extremely powerful. When used, the Monk hits enemies in an area-of-effect damaging enemies and inflicting Bleeding. If any of them die while Bleeding, they explode causing damage to other nearby enemies. Exploding Palm synergizes excellently with skills like Cyclone Strike, creating a deadly combo.

Flying Dragon

  •  Unlocks at level 47

When using the Flying Dragon skill, the Monk goes up into the air pulling enemies in the area and inflicting damage to all of them. Flying Dragon becomes an interesting skill when its capacity for crowd control synergizes with other skills, such as the Exploding Palm. It works especially well with groups of low-health enemies since it does not cause a lot of damage.

Flying Kick

  •  Unlocks at level 1

As one of your first experiences as a monk, the Flying Kick shows how agile the class is. With this skill, your character is going to kick forward causing damage to enemies and also knocking them away. If you hit a wall when using it, you bounce off of it inflicting more damage. This is a great gap closer for reaching enemies fast and still dealing damage and is a great way to start a fight.

Imprisoned Fist

  •  Unlocks at level 44 

Unlocking Imprisoned Fist is the moment during the class progression that the Monk’s capacity for crowd control gets really strong. When activating the Imprisoned Fist you attack a direction and immobilize enemies hit for a brief period of time. Besides having a good range of effect, it also creates a good window for other skills. Imprisoned Fist is an important skill to keep incoming groups of enemies at bay or stop specific targets.

Inner Sanctuary

  •  Unlocks at level 38

The Inner Sanctuary skill is a support ability that monks have at their disposal. It creates an area of protection and you and/or allies in the area receive reduced damage while in it. This is great if you trend towards more utility with your Monk. This is an exceptional skill if you hope to keep everyone alive.

Mystic Allies

  •  Unlocks at level 50

This is the last skill you learn as a Monk. By using Mystic Allies, you will invoke two spirits that will fight with you. These companions don’t last long and their HP is based on yours. For players that are soloing most of Diablo Immortals' content, Mystic Allies might be a good option. While the damage of the spirits is not necessarily high, it is more damage being inflicted and serves as a distraction for enemies. 

Mystic Strike

  •  Unlocks at level 15

With Mystic Strike, Monks have another mobility skill and an exceptional one at that. This skill has three charges and when activated, your character dashes forward leaving a spirit form behind. Once it returns to you, it pulls all enemies hit by it towards you and inflicts damage.

 The fact Mystic Strike has three charges makes it a great skill that will make it possible to avoid damage and fix any bad positioning you may end up doing. The low cooldown only adds more value to this skill.

Seven-Sided Strike

A Diablo Immortal monk using Seven Sided Strike

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  •  Unlocks at level 1

A classic skill for Monks, Seven-Sided Strike makes you dash in and attack enemies in a circular area for several seconds. If the same target is hit more than once, it takes additional damage. Because of how this skill works, it's a great source of damage no matter if you are fighting a group or a single enemy. There is also the fact that this skill makes you invulnerable during the animation which is great to avoid damage.

Shield of Zen

  •  Unlocks at level 28

Another addition to the Monk's support skill set, the Shield of Zen ability provides a shield for the monk and allies. If you use it on another player, you will receive a shield on top of them getting one as well. It doesn't just absorb damage but it also protects players from effects that would cause loss of control. Due to how it synergizes with you being in a group, it works fine in PvP, but can be a possibility for PvE to endure more damage while leveling up. 

Wave of Light

  •  Unlocks at level 41

This is an area-of-effect skill that inflicts damage to enemies by crushing them with an attack of light. It has two charges and quite a long cooldown. This is a strong area attack that can supplement the Monk's other actions. It is an interesting option to synergize with Cyclone Strike or Flying Dragon.

Wave Strike

A Diablo Immortal monk using Wave Strike

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  •  Unlocks at level 8

The Wave Strike skill is a charged attack that shoots an orb of energy in a direction and explodes after a short duration. If it was fully charged, Wave Strike knocks away enemies. You can consider it your range attack with some potential to damage groups of enemies. Even so, in most situations, the melee combat suits Monks better, making Wave Strike a rather situational choice.

Diablo Immortal Monk: best builds

A Diablo Immortal monk in the customization screen

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Being a Monk isn't all about cool skills and fighting.

You're going to need a plan of attack before commencing battle, and it's no simply task to throw together any old build. Here are some tried-and-tested builds that will give you specific advantages in battle, making you a true credit to your team.

Balanced Fists

  • Fists of Thunder (Primary)
  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Mystic Strike
  • Cyclone Strike or Imprisoned Fist
  • Mystic Allies

The main idea behind this build is to be capable of dealing constant damage to single or multiple targets while having options to increase your survivability. Mystic Strike will help you to dodge attacks and to reposition while Seven-Sided Strike can also be activated to avoid incoming damage. Cyclone Strike or Imprisoned Fist are good options for crowd control. While the first is easier to be used and works really well with a Seven-Sided Strike, the second will provide good opportunities to strike enemies. Mystic Allies is a go-to whenever it is up and Fists of Thunder is the filler for when your skills are on cooldown. 

Helping Hands

  • Fists of Thunder (Primary)
  • Flying Kick
  • Imprisoned Fist
  • Shield of Zen
  • Inner Sanctuary

Mobile and capable, this version of the Monk is there to scoot around the battlefield protecting allies and providing damage. With Flying Kick and the gap closer in Fists of Thunder, you'll be able to move around the fight as much as you'd like. Close to an enemy and use Imprisoned Fist to immobilize them to set up allies, or just keep them away. You can also leap into your allies and protect them with Inner Sanctuary or Shield of Zen.

As an all-around supportive build, this version of the Monk works best in PVP, but can also be a lifesaver in the more difficult PVE encounters you'll take on.

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