Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions quest walkthrough

A sorcerer stands near the sacred statue
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Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions is a quest that has vexed more than a fair share of players. Rather than asking you to slaughter your enemies in typical Diablo tradition, Keeping the Old Traditions asks you to solve a riddle. 

Diablo 4 offers an immersive and realized world, full of monsters to slay, loot to collect, and intriguing nuggets of lore – all of which are set against a gorgeous, yet eerie gothic backdrop. It can be frustrating to have your journey through sanctuary rudely interrupted by a puzzle, especially if riddle-solving isn't your jam. 

As rewarding as puzzles can be, sometimes you just want to get back to enjoying the meticulously designed looting and killing that makes Diablo 4 so fun. Fortunately for you, we've broken down every step of Keeping the Old Traditions, ensuring that you'll be able to tick off this particular quest in no time at all. 

Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions location

Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions overworld location

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You can find Keeping the Old Traditions in the Dry Steppes near the centre of the Untamed Scarps. You can reach the quest area by fast travelling to Jirandai and then heading North-East or by heading due West from the Ruins of Qara-Yisu in the neighbouring region. 

Once you reach the location, you'll see a book near a rocky outcrop. Select the book to start the quest.

Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions map location

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Diablo 4 Keeping the Old Traditions riddle solution

Keeping the Old Traditions Riddle

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Rather than task you with killing monsters, The Old Traditions will present you with a riddle that reads: "though timeworn, you endure. Before your colorful kin, I say: Yes, I keep out traditions!"

Out of context, this can seem a little confusing, but if you head to the next location in your quest log, you'll soon find the answer. After fighting your way to the highlighted location, you'll come across an ancient statue. 

Diablo 4 The Old Traditions, standing next to the statue

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Once here, open your action wheel. You'll be looking for the "yes" emote, which isn't equipped by default. To equip it, press the "Customize" button once the wheel is open and map the "yes" emote to one of the segments. 

A screenshot of the emote equip menu in Diablo 4. The 'Yes' emote is being selected

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Once you've done this, simply perform the "yes" emote in front of the statue, and a treasure chest will spawn nearby. 

Diablo 4 Keeping The Old Traditions treasure chest spawn point

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Congratulations, you've now finished The Old Traditions, and have some shiny new treasure to show for it. Should you be lucky enough to find some new gear inside, why not check out our transmog guide to help you get the most out of your new fashion options?

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