Raspberry Pi projects: what you can do with a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi projects

Learn to program your Raspberry Pi

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One of the best things about the Raspberry Pi is that it can help you (and your children) learn how to code. Check out our learn to program your Raspberry Pi guide to find out how to write simple programs and games in Python and Scratch, the two programming codes included in Raspbian.

Raspberry Pi projects

How to make a Mac Time Capsule with the Raspberry Pi

Time Capsules are a fancy way of describing a an external hard drive that automatically backs up your Mac. They are incredibly useful devices, but like most things Apple-related, they can be pretty expensive.

However you can build your own Time Capsule using a Raspberry Pi, which can save you money and teach you how to make the Raspberry Pi and your Mac play nicely together.

Raspberry Pi projects

Stream files from Raspberry Pi to a smartphone

We show you how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a file server and seedbox for torrents, and then access them on your mobile device in our how to stream files from Raspberry Pi to a smartphone guide.

Raspberry Pi Projects

Remotely control your Raspberry Pi

Give your Raspberry Pi more freedom by untethering it from a monitor and controlling it remotely.

We'll show you all you need to know in our how to remote control your Raspberry Pi guide.

Raspberry Pi Projects

Use a Raspberry Pi to browse anonymously

Here's another great example of the versatility of the Raspberry Pi – we show you how to use a Raspberry Pi to browse anonymously using Tor.

Raspberry Pi Projects

How to turn the Raspberry Pi into a wireless printer server

Don't bother splashing out on a fancy network-enabled printer, as you can use your existing printer and share it with other computers on your home network by turning a trusty Raspberry Pi into a dedicated printer server.

Check out our tutorial on how to turn the Raspberry Pi into a wireless printer server to find out how to put together this handy Raspberry Pi project.

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