The PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds have hit a new lowest-ever price and they're perfect for PlayStation Portal owners

PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and case on a blue background with white lowest price text
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Whether you’re a PlayStation 5 owner or an avid PlayStation Portal player, this discount on Sony’s official PlayStation gaming earbuds is well worth paying attention to.

The PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds have plummeted down to just £162.89 (was £187.30) at Amazon. That’s a hefty £24.41 discount and a new lowest-ever price for the peripheral. As major discounts on official accessories are generally quite rare, this is definitely a sale to take advantage of if you’ve been in the market for a new pair of gaming earbuds to use with your console.

In addition to ready compatibility with the PS5 and PS Portal right out of the box, the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds boasts support for Sony’s 3D audio offering a highly immersive gaming experience in supported titles.

Lowest-ever price on PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds

PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds: £187.30 £162.89 at Amazon

PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds: was £187.30 now £162.89 at Amazon
This £24.41 discount represents a new lowest-ever price for these official PlayStation wireless gaming earbuds. They come in a sleek white design that matches the overall look of the console, with high-end features like 3D audio support and AI-enhanced noise cancelling microphones.

The PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds are a solid choice if you're currently looking for a pair wireless gaming earbuds to use with your PS5. They're also one of the few wireless earbuds that are currently compatible with the PS Portal, making them a great option for those searching for something to use with the streaming handheld. The earbuds boast up to five hours of charge each, with an addition ten hours via the including charging case.

In addition to 3D audio support, they feature AI-enhanced noise cancelling microphones that should help your voice come through clearer when you're chatting with friends. Although PlayStation is the clear focus, they do also work with PC and mobile via Bluetooth.

If you're outside of the UK but still want to find a deal on the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds, you can browse a range of options from local retailers below.

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