The 8BitDo Ultimate 2C could be the cheap PC controller you're looking for when it launches next month

8BitDo Ultimate 2C
(Image credit: 8BitDo)

The 8BitDo Ultimate 2C has been announced, and it's a dedicated PC version of the popular brand's previous budget effort: the 8BitDo Ultimate C.

The 8BitDo Ultimate 2C is compatible with PC and Android devices, and ships with a 2.4GHz dongle, allowing PC folks to play wirelessly on their machine. For Android users, the controller is Bluetooth-compatible, too. You can also hook it up via USB-C if you'd prefer a wired connection.

This new controller comes in four striking pastel-themed color options: Green, Mint, Peach, and Purple. They're all quite basic, but nonetheless more aesthetically pleasing than the usual black, white, and gray of even many of the best PC controllers.

What's most appealing about the 8BitDo Ultimate 2C - and perhaps unsurprising for those familiar with the brand - is its relatively low price. Much like the former Ultimate C, this new PC-specific model comes in at $29.99 (around £24.99 / AU$45 - though regional pricing has yet to be announced). 

That's not bad considering the controller features drift-resistant Hall effect thumbsticks and triggers, and the addition of two remappable bumpers; things you usually find on more expensive Pro-adjacent gamepads. Furthermore, it looks like the controller has a turbo function like older models, with some refinements to its bumpers and d-pad.

The 8BitDo Ultimate 2C can be pre-ordered right now from 8BitDo's Amazon store page, and it's expected to ship on July 15 in the US. If you're looking for an affordable controller that nonetheless packs in excellent features and wireless connectivity, then the Ultimate 2C should be on your radar.

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