Get some of my favorite board games for $25 or less this Cyber Monday

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Though there are loads of great Cyber Monday board game deals available right now, a small handful stood out from the rest and really caught my eye when it came to sheer value. 

Not only did I find that many of my personal favorite board games were on sale, but that many of them are available for $25 or less making them absolute bargains as far as I'm concerned. To me, these are some of the best Cyber Monday gaming deals around, featuring loads of titles that have brought me and my friends countless hours of joy over the years. 

Rather than going for some of the more old-school classic board games, my friends and I tend to be on the lookout for new and interesting titles that offer fresh experiences. However, don't be put off if you're new to board games. All of the titles on this list are accessible and very easy to learn. Some can even fit in your back pocket making them easy to take out and about. With that in mind, read on for big savings on some of my favorite top-tier board games.

Today's best Cyber Monday board game deals for under $25

Sheriff of Nottingham: $39.99$22.04 at Amazon
Save $17 -

Sheriff of Nottingham: was $39.99 now $22.04 at Amazon
Save $17 - Sheriff of Nottingham is delightfully devilish, forcing you to bluff and scheme your way to victory. In this competitive bluffing game, you take on the role of a merchant doing your best to sneak your wares into Nottingham market. Though simple at first glance, you'll soon find yourself caught in a captivating web of lies and half-truths.  

Price check: Walmart - $31.99 | Target - $31.99

UK price: Amazon - £39.99

Tokaido: $39.99$24.76 at Amazon
Save $15 -

Tokaido: was $39.99 now $24.76 at Amazon
Save $15 - A relaxing and aesthetically pleasing title, Tokaido is a game about traveling across late modern Japan. You'll assemble beautiful panoramas, collect treasures, and pay homage at temples on the way, always moving at your own pace. Though the game has you collect victory points and rewards strategic thinking, Tokaido proves that it's the journey, not the destination that matters.

Price check: Walmart - $24.76

UK Price: Amazon -  £30.40

Betrayal at House on the Hill:  $26.98  $19.49 at Amazon
Save $7

Betrayal at House on the Hill: was $26.98 now $19.49 at Amazon
Save $7 - This highly replayable horror game is a masterstroke when it comes to marrying storytelling with game design. In House on the Hill you play in your own horror movie, exploring a randomly generated haunted house before it becomes clear that one player amongst your number is a traitor. At this point, it's you vs. them in a race for survival. Frantic, fun, and memorable, this title comes highly recommended.

Price check: Walmart - $28.04 | Avalon Hill - $55.99

UK price: Amazon - £39.99

Coup: $16.99$13.99 at Amazon
Save $3 -

Coup: was $16.99 now $13.99 at Amazon
Save $3 - Inside this little box you'll find hours of gripping political intrigue. The goal is simple: assassinate your rivals and become the last politician standing. To help you achieve your goal, you'll have two secret agents working for you and you'll need to keep your opponents guessing as to who exactly they might be. Fast-paced and dramatic, Coup is a must-buy. 

Price check: Target - $13.99

Diplomacy: $33.99 $9.29 at Amazon
Save over $24:

Diplomacy: was $33.99 now $9.29 at Amazon
Save over $24:
Another title that might put friendships to the test, Diplomacy is a famously cutthroat game where players take on the roles of European powers around the time of World War One. Despite its simple mechanics, webs of alliances and backstabs make for a frantic and gripping game. You'll need several hours to play, but, if you can find the time, Diplomacy offers an unforgettable experience.

Price check: GameStop - $9.29

UK price: Amazon - £22.77

Telestrations$31.99$14.99 at Target
Save $16 -

Telestrations: was $31.99 now $14.99 at Target
Save $16 - Telestrations is an endlessly repeatable party game par excellence. Each player gets a phrase, they draw something, and then they pass their drawing along. That player has to suss out what that drawing was supposed to be with a new phrase, they then pass that on to the next player who draws it. Repeat this several times, and you'll have a gallery of delightful and inane drawings that would give even Dali a run for his money. 

Price check: Amazon - $31.99

UK Price: Amazon - £24.99

Stella:$39.99$24.72 at Amazon
Save $15 -

Stella: was $39.99 now $24.72 at Amazon
Save $15 - A whimsical game of word association and clues, Stella, uses risk-based mechanics to add just a pinch of spice to its façade of gentle charm. Though not ground-breaking when it comes to game systems, the art is stunning and more than enough to justify the purchase alone. It's exactly what you'd expect from the folks behind enchanting storytelling game Dixit

Price check: Target - $31.99

UK Price: Amazon - £29.99

If you live outside of the US or the UK, fear not. Check below for a list of deals in your area, curated in real-time by our special price checking software.

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