Against the Storm leaving early access and launching on PC Game Pass in December

A screenshot of a city in Against the Storm.
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Eremite Games’ roguelite city builder, Against the Storm, is gearing up to leave its early access period next month, with the improved launch version set to release on December 8. What’s more, it’ll be available to play via PC Game Pass, so subscribers will be able to give it a go at no extra cost as part of their subscription. 

For anyone unfamiliar, Against the Storm is a dark fantasy strategy game that sees players step into the shoes of a viceroy tasked with reclaiming land for the Smoldering City. The rest of the world has been brought to ruin by the Blightstorm, and storms continue to threaten your population as you attempt to rebuild. Being a roguelite, however, you can carry forward your resources and experience each time your city falls to come back bigger and better than ever. 

Against the Storm has been available to buy in an early access state since last year, and has been receiving content updates every couple of weeks since then. With the launch of 1.0, not only will players be able to make the most of all these improvements, but they’ll also be able to try the all-new ‘Queen’s Hand’ mode. 

Queen’s Hand is described as a mode for the “most experienced viceroys” - players are given just one in-game Cycle (one attempt, which can only last for a set amount of in-game years) to complete the game's hardest challenge: reforging the Adamantine Seal. Since you'll be beginning from scratch, being strategic with your upgrade choices will be more important than ever before. In this particularly challenging mode, failure will make you lose all progress and unlocks - so be careful.

If you’re yet to dive into Against the Storm, you can still buy the early-access version of the game on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store now ahead of its full release.

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