How to get Palworld High Quality Pal Oil and what it does

A player rides on the back of a Pal that's carrying a minigun
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What is Palworld?

A player holds out a blue Mega Sphere as Pals work away in the background

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Palworld is a new survival game making waves right now due to the Pokémon-like catching and battling mechanics built into it. The key difference is that the monsters, or Pals, can use weapons and be assigned to help work in your Bases. Defeating Pals will drop resources like Wheat, and outcrops can give you things like Sulfur when mined, which can then be used for base building.

Palworld High Quality Pal Oil is an essential crafting ingredient if you want to start using guns, and other more advanced weaponry. It's only dropped by a handful of Pals, but luckily you shouldn't have any trouble getting to them in the early game.

Different Pals drop different resources in Palword, the new survival game that blends survival mechanics with monster catching and battling. High Quality Pal Oil can be found out in the open world, though you'll have to take down some relatively tough Pals to get it.

Here's how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, including some tips on which Pals drop it when defeated, and which ones to go after in the early-game desert area. We'll also cover some of the weapons that can be created using High Quality Pal Oil so that you can go after tougher bosses and defend your Camp from Raids.

How to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

High Quality Pal Oil highlighted in the inventory menu

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To get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, you'll need to go after specific Pals that drop them when defeated. The easiest Pals to go for are Digtoise (who can also help you farm Ore) and Dumud. Both Pals spawn in the Desert biome, shown on the map below:

The desert biome shown on Palworld map

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When heading into the Desert, you'll need to keep in mind that without heat resistance, you'll slowly take chip damage. Craft the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor to combat this. Also, note that Dumud and Digtoise spawn at a range of around level 17-21. Take some water-type Pals with you, and some decent weapons. Digtoise and Dumud's habitats can be seen below:

In addition to Digtoise and Dumud, the following Pals will also drop High Quality Pal Oil. at least, these are the ones we've encountered so far:

  • Relaxaurus
  • Woolipop

What is High quality Pal Oil used for in Palworld?

Creating a Musket at the Weapons Table

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You'll need High Quality Pal Oil to craft guns and other weaponry in Palworld. Your first will likely be the musket, which requires 25 Ingots, five High Quality Pal Oil, and 30 Wood to craft at a Weapons Bench. As you unlock more weapons, you'll find more and more uses for High Quality Pal Oil, so keep an eye out for the Pals we mentioned previously.

That's how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on getting Palworld Electric Organs. Elsewhere, there's more monster-catching fun to be had in our best Pokemon games list.

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