How to get Palworld Electric Organs and what they do

A syndicate boss stands beside his electric-type Pal, arms outstretched and laughing maniacally
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What is Palworld?

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Palworld is a new survival game making waves right now due to the Pokémon-like catching and battling mechanics built into it. The key difference is that the monsters, or Pals, can use weapons and be assigned to help work in your Bases. Defeating Pals will drop resources like Wheat, and outcrops can give you things like Coal when mined, which can then be used for base building.

Palworld Electric Organs are only dropped by certain Pals. To get your hands on some, you'll need to defeat electric-type Pals, whether that's starting area spawns like Sparkit, or rarer creatures.

Different Pals drop different resources in Palword, the new survival game that's still making huge noise in the video game world right now, and storming the charts on Xbox Game Pass and Steam. Electric Organs can be found out in the open world, though you'll need to know the best places to look.

Here's how to get Electric Organs in Palworld, including some tips on which Pals drop Electric Organs when defeated, and which ones to go after in the early game. We'll also cover some of the main items that can be created using Electric Organs so that you can complete Base Missions and grow your Camp.

How to get Electric Organs in Palworld

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To get Electric Organs in Palworld, you'll need to go after specific Pals that drop them when defeated. The easiest is Sparkit, as it tends to spawn very close to the default starting location. You can see its habitat below. Generally, Sparkit sits at around Level 10, so bring a strong Pal with you to whittle it down, before striking.

Sparkit's Habitat shown on the Palworld map

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In addition to Sparkit, the following Pals will also drop Electric Organs:

  • Beakon
  • Dazzi
  • Grizzbolt
  • Rayhound
  • Univolt

If you want to purchase Electric Organs in Palworld, you can do so at the Wandering Merchant located at Small Settlements. You can see their location on the map below:

The location of a dungeon shown on the Palworld Map. It's found to the North of a Small Settlement

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What are Electric Organs used for in Palworld?

A player rides on the back of a Pal that's carrying a minigun

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You'll need Electric Organs to craft lamps and mines in Palword. In addition, electric-type Pals will require Pal Gear to unlock their abilities, these harnesses generally require electric Organs as well. Once you start creating more advanced weapons in Palworld, the Stun Baton and the Shock Grenade also use Electric Organs.

That's how to get Electric Organs in Palworld. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on getting Palworld Ancient Technology Points. Elsewhere, there's more monster-catching fun to be had in our best Pokemon games list.

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